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Information About Paving Services You Should Know

There are companies out there that offer cheap, fast services, often showing up at your door for a quick sale. Seniors and young people are often targeted. Buyer beware! If you need paving services you can trust, please call Coliseum Paving. Our reputation for more than 45 years of quality work speaks for itself.

Although Coliseum Paving is happy to fix a job that was not done right by another company, we really don’t want you to waste your dollars in the first place. Call us first to get the job done right THE FIRST TIME.

One example from a customer:

“A Burlington based company showed up on a clients doorway offering to pave his driveway for a great price. He had some left over asphalt from a big job on the highway and needed to unload the rest of the asphalt. The job was done in the dark and the paver demanded payment upon completion. Not only was the job done poorly and full of flaws, but the owner and his wife were threatened for payment. The next day, the home owner called Coliseum Paving to help fix the problem.”

Top Home Improvement Scams – What You Need to Know

Always near the top of complaints are home improvement contractors who leave your home worse than they found it.

They knock on your door with a story or a deal – the roofer who can spot some missing shingles on your roof, the paver with some leftover asphalt who can give you a great deal on driveway resealing. Itinerant contractors move around, keeping a step ahead of the law, and a step ahead of their angry consumers. 

The worst offenders are those who move in after a natural disaster, taking advantage of desperate homeowners who need immediate help and who may not be as suspicious as they would be under normal circumstances. 

A large percentage of businesses are home contractors who want to make sure you know they are legitimate, trustworthy and dependable. Coliseum Paving is a well-established and reputable company.

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